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20 Broadleaf Ave. 

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4841 Leslie Street

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Brock Street Family Chiropractic 

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Exercise Strength, Fitness, Performance

Corrective Exercise


Whether you have been involved in a car accident, sporting mishap, or experience daily postural stresses, appropriate corrective exercise is an essential part of your recovery. Whitby Chiropractor Dr. Dynes will work with you to design a rehabilitation plan that helps you reach your goals.


When recovering from a sports injury, overcoming chronic pain, or improving posture and movement individualized exercise is essential. Rehabilitation is incorporated into treatment plans to strengthen and train your body to function optimally and prevent future injuries or problems.  We use a functional movement screen to assess the way you move. This helps expose specific patterns of movement that may predispose you to injury or prevent you from fully recovering.


Many of us deal with nagging injuries that come and go in a frustrating cycle. It is important to identify and correct the anatomical and biomechanical factors that predispose us to injury and act as barriers to our full and lasting recovery. We want to help you get out of pain, and correct the factors that caused your pain to begin with!


Visit our Blog for great exercise tips and strategies.



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