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We Bring the Clinic to You!

Offering In Home Visits for Patients in the Durham Region with Online Booking



Visit Our Clinic.

A Caring, Compassionate Environment

Conveniently Located at 401 and Leslie


Relief of Back and Neck Pain

Strains, Sprains, Joint Pain

Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation

Headaches and Posture

Strength and Conditioning

Car and Workplace Accidents

  • Patient Centred, My Mission is to Serve You

  • Empowering You to Reach Your Goals

  • Evidence-Based Treatment Techniques

  • Communication With Your Healthcare Team

  • Care Plans Based on Your Unique Needs

  • A Comfortable and Supportive Environment

North York and Durham Chiropractor

Woman with neck pain at chiropractor
Are you looking for a Chiropractor in North York or Durham?

We know that choosing a chiropractor can be a difficult decision. Sometimes it can even be frustrating if you don't know anyone in your area. The good news is you are not alone!


Many of our patients were once in the same situation as you and found the help they needed in our practice. Dr. Brennan Dynes is an experienced chiropractor who practices in both North York and Durham Region Ontario. 

We pride ourself on helping each of our patients get out of pain, maximize their health, and return to doing what they love as quickly as possible. We use the latest chiropractic, acupuncture, and rehabilitation techniques to get you feeling your best.

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“We can help you break free from pain and injury, and get back to doing what you love”

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